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Hot on the heels of his zesty lemon flavoured release ‘Forest Mallet/ Bug Buzz’ Empathy Recordings is proud to bring you the latest serving from Hungarian taste sensation AMB… Bangers n Mash.

Like any good meal, the release comes in three parts. Delivered up first is the entree, Part 1. The title track is a funk bass fueled glitch hop delight… This one alone may leave you reaching for laxatives, but every good meal needs its condiments so we’ve got more for you…

Accompanying the entree are remixes from our favourite cholesterol laden kitchen hands: Mouldy Soul’s bouncy mid tempo glitch will go down like that smooth larger you’ve been waiting for all day. Goosebumpz heavy remix sits like melted butter oozing all over your plate. Angus Green gives us a breakbeat number reminiscent of a heavy barbeque sauce poured brazenly across your meal. Finally Karl Sav tops the meal off with his salt heavy glitch breaks remix which is sure to go straight to your arteries.

This release will be available in your favourite stores from 1 August. Look out for part 2 & 3 later this year.

Check the previews out on our soundcloud now!


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