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16.Apr.2012 EMPD028 McFly was a Raver Remixed

‘McFly was a Raver’ began life as a collaboration between rising stars K+Lab and Funkdamunk. Released by Empathy in late 2011, McFly went on to feature at the right end of glitch charts across the internet. The track has created so much hype, we just had to revisit it.

[EMPD028] comes in two halves. The first treats McFly with all the respect it deserves thanks to our three special guests: William Breakspear, Teknizm & Spoonhead lend their significant musical weight to the fray. The second half of the release comes as ample reward for much hard work. It features 3 new artists who have proven their worth in battle. In January this year Empathy announced an open competition to find the best re-mixers out there. We weren’t disappointed by the response.

We’re pleased to congratulate Angus Green on his winning entry. Melbourne based Green has given us an electro hip hop infused variation that oozes funk while maintaining the original synth flavour. With more releases planned through Empathy, we have no doubt you’ll be hearing plenty more out of this talented new producer.

Runners up but by no means any less release worthy are the Brisbane based pair of FarfetchD and Karl Sav. FarfetchD’s mid tempo remix is packed with cut up glitch bass while keeping the beat 4 to the floor. Karl Sav’s glitch breaks remix oozes old school vibes with a double sized helping of glitch for extra flavour.

You can check out the release on our soundcloud here or head over to your favourite online store on 21 April 2012 to grab a copy for yourself.

[EMPD028] K+Lab vs Funkdamunk – Mcfly was a Raver REMIXED by Empathy Recordings

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