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Hot on the heels of his zesty lemon flavoured release ‘Forest Mallet/ Bug Buzz’ Empathy Recordings is proud to bring you the latest serving from Hungarian taste sensation AMB… Bangers n Mash.

Like any good meal, the release comes in three parts. Delivered up first is the entree, Part 1. The title track is a funk bass fueled glitch hop delight… This one alone may leave you reaching for laxatives, but every good meal needs its condiments so we’ve got more for you…

Accompanying the entree are remixes from our favourite cholesterol laden kitchen hands: Mouldy Soul’s bouncy mid tempo glitch will go down like that smooth larger you’ve been waiting for all day. Goosebumpz heavy remix sits like melted butter oozing all over your plate. Angus Green gives us a breakbeat number reminiscent of a heavy barbeque sauce poured brazenly across your meal. Finally Karl Sav tops the meal off with his salt heavy glitch breaks remix which is sure to go straight to your arteries.

This release will be available in your favourite stores from 1 August. Look out for part 2 & 3 later this year.

Check the previews out on our soundcloud now!


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03.Feb.2012 EMPD027: AMB – Forest Mallet/ Bug Buzz

2011 saw Empathy firmly establish itself on the worldwide electronic music map. In celebration of our best year ever we have decided to bring you something a little bit special. We’ve set out to find an artist who has something unique we’ve never seen before – Something melodic, yet dissonant – fresh, yet ripe. After searching the world’s airwaves – our antennae strength on full – we picked up the crisp clear signal from Hungarian producer AMB.

AMB has previously released across a wide range of genres and labels: Muti Music, U&A Recordings, Resopal Shallware, Dave Seaman’s Audio Therapy, Distinctive, EQ Records, React and Sinister as well as running his own label Chi Recordings. As a DJ AMB has played in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Croatia, Serbia, and Hungary alongside the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Adam Freeland, Hybrid, and many more.

The resulting collaboration comprises of ‘Forest Mallet’ and ‘Bug Buzz’. We have no doubt both of these tunes will grab your attention.  With subtle melodies, smooth meandering bass lines, crisp drum production and all manner of glitched out tweakisms, this is one we know you’re going to love.

No Empathy release is complete without remixes, so with AMB’s blessing we’ve added three new Empathy signings to the roster for this special release.

Introducing Spoonhead:
This pointed hoodie-wearing individual has established himself as one of Australasia’s most exciting new live acts. Spoonhead’s mouldable, tweakable live set makes for loads of fun on the dance floor and allows plenty of room for experimentation. The Spoonhead experience sends you awash on the dance floor with liquidy surf. Futuristic synths soar over ancient tribal rhythms while richly layered textures infuse with the sounds of his homeland Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Spoonhead has remixed both AMB originals for EMPD027 and it’s clear he has amazed us all.  While retaining the original vibe of both tracks, he has taken things to mid-tempo techno infused bass romp. With no shortage of squelches and glitches, we know you guys will lap this guy up. Expect some top-notch releases from this guy in future.

Melbourne based Goosebumpz has become a driving force within the Australian electronic music scene. As a result, he has become a regular fixture at outdoor dance parties, festivals and club gigs nationwide. Capitalizing on the bass music movement Down Under, Goosebumpz is renowned for his extremely tight production, attention to detail and psy influenced sound design. His mid-tempo remix of ‘Bug Buzz’ has a laid back approach – A spacious, soulful take on the original which evolves towards a drop that will have you up and moving.

Sydney based producer Mr. Bill is both prolific and talented. His music excites both the ear and the brain by exploring unusual production methods and theory. His music has cause enough of a buzz over the past year that it seemed inevitable that Empathy would come knocking with an invite to become part of our vision.  His remix of Bug Buzz is dubstep… but not as you know it. We encourage you to keep an eye on Mr. Bill… We’re sure you’ll be as impressed as we are…

[EMPD027] AMB – Forest Mallet / Bug Buzz + Remixes by Empathy Recordings

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12.Jan.2012 McFly was a Raver REMIX competition

Calling all established & aspiring producers – Break out your best remix sweater and close those studio curtains: Empathy Recordings has an offer for you!

We’re giving you the unique chance to be a part of our forthcoming “McFly was a Raver” Remix EP, featuring WIlliam Breakspear,  Teknizm & Spoonhead.

Empathy has always sought to foster creativity by encouraging new talent. With this in mind we’re proud to announce the “McFly Remix Competition”.

The original release featured at the top end of glitch hop charts across the internet from Beatport to Addictech and beyond. With the wealth of talent out there we are confident this competition is going to bring out some amazing remixes – we can’t wait to hear what you all come up with.

How you remix is up to you. You choose genre, you choose the tempo and you choose the mood. We’ll be selecting the best 3 tracks to be a part of the EP and the best of those will also receive sales royalties as well as a $50 download voucher from addictech.com.

To enter: 1 – Download the sample pack here. 2 – Write your masterpiece. 3 – Submit your track to our Soundcloud remix group here (you will need to sign up for a free Soundcloud account). Entries close 1 March 2012 and the release will be in stores 19 March 2012.

2011 was the strongest year yet for Empathy Recordings, with regular top 10 glitch hop releases on Beatport.com. Highlight of the year was Opiuo’s remix of K+Lab’s Wrecked which dominated the number 1 spot for 2 months. We’re now offering you the opportunity to be a part of this success in 2012.

Don’t forget to check out the original track here:

[EMPD026] K+Lab & Funkdamunk – Mcfly was a Raver by Empathy Recordings

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