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05.Apr.2011 William Breakspear: Two Oh Double One Mix

Empathy Recordings is pround to bring you the latest in our long line of guest mixes… Welcome William Breakspear and his Two Oh Double One mix featuring over an hour of bastard breaks and glitch hop

Raised by wolves in the depths of English woodland, Breakspear soon came to love the natural rhythms of the forest. Thrust into the city as a pup he foraged for beats in the urban sprawl, occasionally finding a kick or bass slide which reminded him of the forest. Now he has mastered his biomechanic arms and digital brain he can finally return to the trees with added vigour and become complete with the beat.

This is what you get:

1. Schlachthofbronx – Nastybass ft. Spoek Mathambo & Bigspace
2. Opiuo – Monkey Crunk (ill.Gates & Samples Remix)
3. Stickybuds – Bo Riddim!
4. Sharps – Limb by Limb
5. Flore – La Folie (Lawgiverz Remix)
6. K+Lab – Talking Smack
7. Jay Z – 99 Problems (The Prodigy Remix)
8. Cheshire Cat – Funky Joint (Gella Remix)
9. Niles Philips – Easy Down Home Cooking
10. The CB’s – Misdemeanour (A.Skillz Remix)
11. Javier Morillas – Like That
12. Seiji – I Can’t Let it Go
13. VibeSquaD – FunkWear
14. K+Lab – Out the Door (William Breakspear Remix)
15. Featurecast – Sniper
16. William Breakspear – Skydive
17. JPOD – Funkinitup
18. Rootsellers – Front Heavy Funk (Stickybuds Remix)
19. Flevans – Foot Tied
20. Huxley – Regulated Wishing
21. Stealing Sheep – Mountain Dogs (William Breakspear Remix)
22. Mooqee & Pimpsoul – Keep Pounding

Download now from our Soundcloud:
William Breakspear – Two Oh Double One – DJ Mixset by Empathy Recordings

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