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Empathy Recordings in association with Bassdrop.co.nz are pleased to announce the release of Rumble in the Jungle 09, mixed by 2008 champion DJ Import. Part of Import’s prize pack was the opportunity to record his mix of the finest selection of Drum and Bass & Dubstep tracks from top local and international producers.

Ex-Wellingtonian Christchurch lad DJ Import (aka John Chea) has honed his mixing talents over many years through his passion for all things drum n bass. First place position in the 2008 Rumble in the Jungle battle was something of a natural progression for him.

The 2008 final proved to be an exciting show of slick mixing from many competitors resulting in a tough decision for the judges. In the end, Import’s experience, skill, track selection and ability to keep cool under pressure saw him take the championship in style.

Recorded and mastered by the empathy team the ‘Rumble in the Jungle / Import Mix’ is the premium live set from NZ’s best. Featuring stunning tracks by State of Mind, Concord Dawn, Phace, Mayhem, Agent Alvin, Trei, Dose, The Upbeats, Optimas Gryme and many more.

A snapshot of NZ’s vibrant breakbeat scene at the moment, we are confident you will rate this mix now and for years to come. Available instore in all good stockists early march.

For information on distribution contact Samurai Distribution via their website: http://www.samurai-distribution.com/

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  • cform says:

    TVNZ review by Joachim Hackshawby (Published: 10:59AM Monday May 04, 2009)

    For a generation of New Zealand drum and bass fans, the term “Rumble in the Jungle” does not instantly conjure up images of Mohammed Ali standing toe to toe with George Foreman in Zaire.

    Rather the term is synonymous with the annual battle to find the best drum and bass DJ in the land.

    The competition had humble beginnings as a contest based in Wellington, which eventually spread its wings by asking a few Aucklanders to be involved, before spreading to the South Island, firstly via Christchurch and then Dunedin.

    The contest has always carried an impressive prize haul to accompany the glory of being champion and for the second time the prize package included the right to put out a mix CD with your name on it through Empathy Recordings.

    The latest edition of the Rumble in the Jungle mix CD is out now, with Import doing the honours after being crowned Rumble champion in 2008.

    Due to the fact that the crew at Empathy recordings have to begin the hard work of licensing tracks long before the winner is crowned, the CD is not an exact replication of a set from Import but he’s done a more than decent job with it nonetheless.

    Well, a decent job doesn’t really do him justice. As you would expect from a champion DJ the mix is flawless with the thought paid to the tracklist certainly paying off with a nice vibe built throughout.

    The hard yards put in licensing tracks also bears fruit when it comes time for a roll call with the tracklist reading like a who’s who of the current break beat scene including the likes of Concord Dawn, The Upbeats, Agent Alvin, Bulletproof, Cern, Dose, Trei and State of Mind, plus promising signs of things to come from up-and-comers such as Faction, Consequence, Blackplanet and Optimas Gryme.

    To sum up the styles of drum and bass represented here I would call it full spectrum, but the pots and pans brigade would be up in arms if I did, so I’ll call it a nice blend of tech rollers and upbeat liquid numbers, with the odd party tune thrown in the mix.

    Overall a thoroughly enjoyable mix, just as good for warming up to a big night out as it is for sitting on a bus wishing that work was not your destination. If you like drum and bass it’s well worth a listen.

    you can view the TVNZ review here here

    • cform says:

      review on nzmusic.net:

      Rumble In The Jungle 09 review
      Posted: Thu Apr 2, 2009 7:06 pm

      Rumble in the Jungle 2008 winner had the opportunity to record his mix a selection of Drum and Bass & Dubstep tracks from some of our top NZ artists and as well as a number of international producers. DJ Import (aka John Chea) has created an exciting live set featuring tracks from Concord Dawn, State of Mind, Mayhem and Pace just to name a few. This album displays how Import’s Skill, experience and track selection that saw him take the away the championship in style.

      This is one of the most blood pumping albums I have head in a long time and having been New Zealand made makes it just that much better. This is the party album to keep Saturday night alive until the man comes a knocking to ask why you are not at work. Dam da man.
      With so much talent displayed by Import utilising equality talented artists you will have the unbelievable sound of Aotearoa thumping your floor.

      This has to be one of my most recommended albums you must own!