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04.Mar.2011 EMPD023: Operation Restore

Empathy Recordings with the support of Junodownload are proud to announce the forthcoming release of EMPD023: Operation Restore.

In light of the recent earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand, Empathy has teamed up exclusively with Junodownload to offer dance music lovers an effective way to contribute and support the recovery of Christchurch and its people.

We’ve decided the best way we can contribute is to support the Red Cross with our music so we’ve assembled a team of musicians who share our dream. Junodownload has stepped up to help Empathy with the release – meaning we will be donating 100% of the return for this release to the Red Cross Christchurch Earthquake Fund.

Many artists on this release have been personally affected by the earthquake and ALL have been struck by the magnitude of the disaster. Operation Restore will be featuring a host of New Zealand’s finest electronic  artists including: Cern, Nanotek, Minuit, Funk ‘n’ Slo Cuts, Timmy Schumacher, Kyla, Greg Churchill, Borderline, Ollie Bassweight, Johnny Hooves, Black Planet, and many more. We’ll also be seeing international support in the form of William Breakspear (UK) and Kid Digital (Russia). We’d like to thank all the artists who have donated their time and effort to make this release possible.

This release is available to buy exclusively from Junodownload and features a specially reduced price.

Previews are available via our soundcloud below:
Operation Restore by Empathy Recordings

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12.Jul.2010 EMPD016: Borderline

Borderline – Impulse
Trei – Morning Glory (Borderline Remix)

Borderline aka Rich Gibbins is fast becoming one of New Zealand’s rising Drum n Bass talents. With releases on prominent labels such as Cyanide, Citrus and DJ Trace’s DSCI4, alongside collaborations with local talents such as Teknik and Johnny Hooves, he has firmly made his mark on the world Drum n Bass scene. Here he gives us two new tracks that firmly represent the darker side of the Drum and Bass spectrum. Keep your eyes open & your ears tuned for the name Borderline as I’m certain this won’t be last you’ll hear of it.

EMPD016 is available for purchase from the following stores: www.junodownload.com, www.addictech.com, www.dogsonacid.com and www.trackitdown.net.

[EMPD016] Trei – Morning Glory (Borderline Remix) by Empathy Recordings

[EMPD016] Borderline – Impulse by Empathy Recordings

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19.Jan.2010 Wrecked in Addictech’s top 10 “bangers” for 2009

Congratulations to K-Lab, MC Analog, Evil, White Papoo and Opiuo for making this our best release to date. Opiuo’s remix featured in all of Addictech’s end of year charts, both dance floor and sales. you can read more here