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12.Jan.2012 McFly was a Raver REMIX competition

Calling all established & aspiring producers – Break out your best remix sweater and close those studio curtains: Empathy Recordings has an offer for you!

We’re giving you the unique chance to be a part of our forthcoming “McFly was a Raver” Remix EP, featuring WIlliam Breakspear,  Teknizm & Spoonhead.

Empathy has always sought to foster creativity by encouraging new talent. With this in mind we’re proud to announce the “McFly Remix Competition”.

The original release featured at the top end of glitch hop charts across the internet from Beatport to Addictech and beyond. With the wealth of talent out there we are confident this competition is going to bring out some amazing remixes – we can’t wait to hear what you all come up with.

How you remix is up to you. You choose genre, you choose the tempo and you choose the mood. We’ll be selecting the best 3 tracks to be a part of the EP and the best of those will also receive sales royalties as well as a $50 download voucher from addictech.com.

To enter: 1 – Download the sample pack here. 2 – Write your masterpiece. 3 – Submit your track to our Soundcloud remix group here (you will need to sign up for a free Soundcloud account). Entries close 1 March 2012 and the release will be in stores 19 March 2012.

2011 was the strongest year yet for Empathy Recordings, with regular top 10 glitch hop releases on Beatport.com. Highlight of the year was Opiuo’s remix of K+Lab’s Wrecked which dominated the number 1 spot for 2 months. We’re now offering you the opportunity to be a part of this success in 2012.

Don’t forget to check out the original track here:

[EMPD026] K+Lab & Funkdamunk – Mcfly was a Raver by Empathy Recordings

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29.Dec.2011 EMPAFREE: Spoonhead

Our friends over at EMPAFREE have released a track… you should check it out!

“Introducing EMPAFREE:

EMPAFREE is a free outlet for new creative talent. We’ll be releasing
a series of tracks from a wide range of musicians.. all fully
downloadable… all free… all the time. So bookmark our soundcloud
page and check back regularly.

Without further ado, let us introduce you our first release: New
Zealand’s newest tweakmeister… Spoonhead.

We think he has done a spiffing job of jigging up a timeless classic –
you wont be disappointed. This pointed hoodie wearing individual is
establishing himself as one of Australasia’s most exciting new live
acts. Spoonhead’s mouldable, tweakable live set makes for loads of fun
on the dance floor and allows plenty of room for experimentation. The
Spoonhead experience sends you awash on the dance floor with liquidy
surf and underwater creatures freshly recorded on the Pacific floor.
Futuristic synths soar over ancient tribal rhythms while richly
layered textures infuse with the sounds of his homeland Aotearoa, New

Rumour has it this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing of Spoonhead –
keep your eyes & ears peeled kiddies, there’s more to come.

Don’t forget to check out Spoonhead’s own soundcloud:

[empaFREE001] Spoonhead – GlitchHopapotomus by empafree

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19.Oct.2011 EMPD026: K+Lab vs Funkdamunk

Streaming direct from the near future ‘McFly was a Raver’ is glitch hop at its eclectic best. K+Lab and Funkdamunk hit you with thick slabs of elastic bass bouncing you from floor to ceiling while their synthesizers take aim at your knees.

‘Ahi Haka’ comes at you with explosive force, launching its drive by assault with chainsaw synths that cut to the bone. Subtle variations of old school breaks form the backbone of the attack giving you brief moments of relief before leading you straight back into the fray.

Swag takes the down deep. Funkdamunk lures you in with subtle vocal snippets and relaxed tints of melody before bringing out a bass line that pushes things through the floor..

K+Lab is now a regular feature on glitch hop charts and DJ playlists worldwide. Funkdamunk is nipping closely at his heels. Who will win this battle for broken beat supremacy?

This release will be available the first Wednesday of November from all your favourite online retailers: beatport.com, additech.com, junodwonload.com, itunes and more.


Previews are available on our soundcloud


[EMPD026] K+Lab & Funkdamunk EP by Empathy Recordings

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