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20.Jun.2007 Empathy Digital | EMPD005: Cern

Since 2002 Cern have been djing and producing drum and bass, inspired by supporting some of the local and international acts for New Zealand drum and bass pioneers Subtronix and Cyanide. 2006 saw collaborations with Bulletproof, rokheads and red mercury, and pushing the neurofunk sound by promoting visiting artists such as Mayhem, Noisia, Psidream and D Bridge.

2007 has been a productive year for Cern working on collaborations with New Zealand’s finest up and coming producers Vanadis, Teknik, Menace and Dose.

Rise featuring Vanadis is a venture into the smoother side of drum and bass. A beautifully atmospheric tune with tight minimal drum programming and a underlying modulated bassline. Look out for the cheeky vocal and subtle brass stabs.

don’t know is based around a vintage piano sample. Featuring smooth filtered reece bass parts, eerie keys and washy pads, This tune ties together nicely, Definitely a 5am in morning tune for all you djs out there.

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